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Momentum has supported the Huachuca Training and Support Contract (HTASC). The team conducts the training for the U.S. Army MOS 35N course at Goodfellow Air Force Base. This course qualifies Soldiers to become Signals Intelligence Analysts. Soldiers in this MOS identify targets, maintain databases, work on camouflage and recovery of surveillance systems, and prepare both technical and tactical intelligence reports based on their findings.

The HTASC team also conducts joint training at Fort Huachuca for the Joint HUMINT Analyst and Targeting Course (JCHATC) and the Joint CI HUMINT Management Course (JCHMC).

The JCHATC is a course that trains all-source intelligence analysts to conduct Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) analysis, CI/HUMINT Lead Development, and CI/HUMINT Source Validation (Asset Risk Management) to support CI/ HUMINT targeting and analysis at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

The JCHMC is a course that covers CI and HUMINT management policy, law, and procedures at the national, joint, service operational, and tactical levels. JCHMC emphasizes Information Technology as it relates to HUMINT management and provides hands-on training on software and communications suites employed in real-world HUMINT operations.


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